Fascinated by evidence and proof of alternate realities , growing up under strange circumstances, I question the truth of haptic and metaphysical sensations generated from experiences.

Is this what I am feeling, real? Is the thing that a thing (or other biotic matter) feels corresponding to what I think it feels? What are constructs and how do they operate, if everything is a construct?

PseudoAmateur Escapist (circa 2016)

Amy has been in an orifice of an abysmal hiatus for over two years, and she is reconstructing perception of time. She sometimes refers to herself in the third person and thoroughly enjoys making sudoku puzzles.

She was born and raised in a semi-nomadic situation in South Africa, but continued to pursue a semi-nomadic lifestyle in Rotterdam, The Netherlands since mid 2014. Who knows what the future might bring.

If you would like to say hi, send an email to hello@stuffbyamy.com